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Intelligence Solutions and Services

Drawing from vast experience across the breadth of the Intelligence Community, KGS Intelligence Solutions and Services (ISS) provide the unique capabilities necessary to meet the nation’s most demanding Intelligence, Data, Cyber, staffing, and mission support challenges. KGS solutions can support the highest levels of national government as well as providing operational and tactical intelligence for US forces on land, sea and air.

The KGS Difference

What makes the KGS approach unique is its rigorous focus on systematic scientific methods. Our analysis is auditable because it is evidence driven, not instinctual or anecdotal. Every link in the chain of supporting evidence can be examined. KGS assessments are repeatable and consistently reach the same conclusions. Clients, using KGS methodology, will also have the same findings. KGS results are irrefutable because our methodology confronts contrary data and alternative arguments head-on with analytical integrity, thorough research, and a structured approach to analysis. KGS-trained analysts research and evaluate all contradictory information and arguments along with the supporting data, using structured evidentiary methods to present and weigh them. KGS judgments and methodology are sound, transparent and proven, even if that judgment proves uncomfortable or inconvenient. The KGS Difference is backed up by the guarantee of Data Confidence®, one of the trademark by-products of using structured analytical methods.