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Information Technology Solutions

Information Technology systems are essential to government agency operations, yet agencies are being asked to do more and more with fewer resources than ever before. In addition, agencies must contend with new regulations, increased scrutiny, demand for greater transparency and inter-agency data sharing, and pressure to expand services and capabilities to constituents and internal customers.

For over 40 years, KGS has been helping government agencies meet new and emerging requirements within the constraints of ever shrinking budgets and resources. We understand your fundamental challenges and appreciate the importance of achieving your mission. But more importantly, we listen and learn – no two agencies are the same, nor any two challenges. KGS works in close partnership with our clients to truly understand your unique needs and objectives, and then we design, build, deploy, and/or maintain scalable network infrastructure and information assurance solutions to achieve your goals. From designing cutting-edge software for healthcare systems, to running networks with over 300,000 users, KGS is the confident choice for Information Technology solutions.

Delivering Confidence

USAF Air Combat Command (ACC) Acquisition Management and Integration Center (AMIC)

KGS supports the critical INOSC East ACC AMIC enterprise network infrastructure assisting 300,000 users at over 120 locations and managing 85,000 nodes worldwide. As the primary force provider of combat air power to America’s Warfighting commands, ACC AMIC entrusts KGS with their most demanding networking requirements. KGS’s highly skilled personnel work proactively to remediate potential problems and neutralize systemic risks through network; assisting AMIC in its vision to become the preeminent provider of acquisition management services.

KGS improved the ACC network’s efficiency by over 31% by reducing the number of network monitoring jobs which in turn reduced the load on the Network Management Servers and streamlined operations.

ACC leadership asked KGS to stand up the first-ever knowledge sharing solution between the INOSC-East and INOSC-West. In addition, KGS implemented on-site ITIL training to enhance Air Force personnel proficiency and standardize overall mission capabilities.

DOD Forensic Toxicology and Drug Testing Laboratory (FTDTL)

KGS provides IT expertise to support the DoD’s Forensic Toxicology Drug Testing Laboratory (FTDTL) program in the areas of sample collection through results reporting. Our work includes implementing the Laboratory Information System (LIMS) used at DoD Drug Testing Laboratories.

KGS innovators modified the FTDTL LIMS system to accommodate the addition of civilian testing at the Ft. Meade Army Laboratory. Considering the unique business rules for the testing of civilian vs. military samples, KGS architected an agile system able to support civilian rules, rather than developing an entirely new system - allowing the lab to use the same proven software while conserving valuable resources.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control are of paramount importance to our customers reliant upon the FTDTL program. A false positive result could not only mean the end of a military career, but may call into question the integrity of the entire DoD drug testing program. With over 130,000 Test Designated Positions (TDPs) within the DoD approved for random drug testing, KGS stands up to the challenge, executing the requirement of “zero error” tolerance in our software. KGS implements well defined management and engineering processes that ensure all activities are performed in a standard and repeatable manner. As a result of our efforts, in the ten years of our support, there have been zero “false positive” results that have been attributed to a software failure.

Veterans Affairs (VA) Financial Services Center (FSC)

Since 1997, KGS has provided prime infrastructure and database support for the Veterans Affairs (VA) Financial Services Center (FSC), supporting over 15 million Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions annually across multiple portals and applications.

KGS on-site personnel have provided a wide range of information technology services for the FSC’s installed infrastructure, including custom applications and COTS products. We measure our shared success as a mission-critical partner of the FSC by enabling its growth as a franchise fund while providing expert personnel who maintain FSC systems at an unprecedented 99+% availability rate.