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Cybersecurity in practice is about successfully managing risk – which means analyzing requirements carefully and determining the appropriate level of protection for systems and data while ensuring efficient network, business and mission operations. KGS brings decades of experience in network and application security, working with clients to find that optimal balance to mitigate risk and still maintain high levels of network and application performance. Each environment is unique, and KGS has the right personnel and extensive experience working for Defense, Intelligence, Civilian, and Healthcare organizations to develop a cyber security solution that is right for your mission.

Vulnerability Assessments and Compliance Testing

KGS security experts have extensive experience identifying potential security threats and remediating vulnerabilities – both from an internal security perspective as well as assessing security posture against compliance regulations such as FISMA. Our teams help develop, implement, and refine information security policies and procedures that adhere to industry standards and best practices while meeting our clients’ operational business, software development life cycle(s), and databases requirements. Associates monitor worldwide security threats daily and deploy solutions before a security breach is widespread. Vulnerability assessment and compliance services cover:

  • Network architecture
  • Server hardware/software routers
  • Firewalls
  • Switches
  • Mis-configurations
  • Patches
  • Hot fixes
  • Remote access
  • Authentication
  • Data sharing
  • File permissions

Proactive Forensics

Proactive Forensics is a unique KGS difference that provides an array of customer cyber services to get in front of potential threats to cyber systems. This involves leveraging existing technologies to prevent security events before they happen. The KGS Proactive Forensics approach of enhanced security through continuous external monitoring and analysis enables our customers to neutralize threats in cyberspace and exploit their adversary’s weaknesses. When combined with KGS real-time and audit trail offerings, full-spectrum cyber confidence is achievable.

Boundary Protection

KGS boundary protection services ensure that an organization’s information and network systems are protected against unauthorized access in a shared environment. KGS follows best practice guidance when performing boundary protection services, which include the operation, maintenance and trouble shooting of protected boundary components, including:

  • Firewalls and switch/router ACLs,
  • Load balancers
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Mail relays and proxy servers
  • Web filtering products
  • SMTP monitoring
  • Intrusion prevention boundary (IPB) devices
  • Smart filter
  • Centralized anti-virus