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NightWatch 20140731

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For the night of 31 July 2014

Afghanistan: Supposedly the voter fraud audit will resume on 2 August.

Israel: The government in Tel Aviv and Hamas have agreed to a three-day humanitarian ceasefire. Israeli forces will remain in Gaza, but will not fire. Israel will send a deputation to Cairo to work on a more durable ceasefire.

Palestinians will be given time to bury their dead, treat the wounded and stock-up on food. They already have a delegation in Cairo.

Comment: This is what the Israeli security cabinet announced it would do on 30 July. The new development is that the Palestinian delegation has agreed. However, the lack of discipline in the Palestinian militant groups makes it unlikely that the next three days will be free of shooting.

Libya: The security situation has deteriorated in Tripoli and in Benghazi. In Tripoli, fighting between tribal militias has expanded beyond the airport region, south of Tripoli, to areas west of the capital.

After militants beheaded a Filipino worker, some 13,000 Filipinos are attempting to evacuate Libya. The European Union, European Union member states and the United States have evacuated their nationals or staff.

The first session of the new parliament will convene in Tobruk, rather than Tripoli, because of the violence.

In Benghazi, Ansar al-Sharia forces continued to take over government buildings after having routed Libyan special forces. On 31 July, the Islamic militias declared they are in control of Benghzai. They are the only armed force active in the city.

Comment: Libya is a failed state.

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End of NightWatch for 31 July.

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