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NightWatch 20100728


For the Night of 28 July 2010

Administrative note: This is a light night for threat-related information. That is tonight's good news.

North Korea: Update. Working level military talks between the United Nations Command (UNC) and North Korea scheduled for Thursday, 29 July, have been postponed, the UN Command announced. A date for the next round of talks has not been set.

The last meeting was Friday. The start of large-scale US-South Korean exercises on Sunday made a follow-on meeting this week highly unlikely. South Korean and U.S. forces on Wednesday wrapped up the four-day, large-scale military exercises off the South's east coast in a show of force to deter North Korea from future aggression.

Venezuela: The government denied reports of a military buildup along the Colombian border today. General Franklin Marquez, the local regional commander, said there has not been any type of reinforcement, no military contingency, and the personnel numbers are the same as they have been all year.

Marquez was the source for the report about a buildup of the National Guard. He was quoted verbatim, but apparently was out in front of the President in his statements.

End of NightWatch for 28 July.

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