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Intelligence Analysis

KGS analytic support combines extensive expertise and proved scientific methods to deliver guaranteed accuracy in analytical judgment. Expert knowledge is essential to high quality insight and conclusion, but expert knowledge without knowledge of national security event phenomenology is not enough to achieve high accuracy and actionability. Moreover, the quality of data used by analysts provides the foundation for accurate assessments and effective warnings. KGS Data Confidence principles and practices provide a proven approach to ensure the data used by analysts is always reliable, secure and available.

Expert assessments tend to be peculiar to the expert; meaning they are idiosyncratic, sometimes zany, invariable anecdotal and their inferential reasoning process cannot be taught to new analysts. The KGS scientific approach to Intelligence analysis frees organizations from the drawbacks of personal interpretation because it is structured and systematic. It can be repeated over and over in countless venues, in business or government. It can be taught. When combined with Data Confidence foundational practices, KGS provides a powerful integration of collection and analysis that delivers consistent, repeatable, accurate assessments for any type of Intelligence challenge.

Analytical Support services include:

  • All-Source
  • Strategic Warning
  • Force Sizing and Disposition (Order of Battle)
  • OSINT (Open Source)
  • Financial
  • Collection Management/ISR