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Analytical Training

No analysis support package is complete without a full set of education and training materials. Backing up KGS's impressive analytical skills is a suite of education and training short courses.

Introduction to Analysis
This introductory course focuses on the four senses of analysis (analysis, synthesis, diagnosis, and prognosis) and examines why well-educated, diligent analysts fail. The course also explores what we have learned about intelligence analysis over the past six decades; an essential exercise to learn from past mistakes, and a unique component to KGS training.

Fundamental Analysis
A more advanced short course, Fundamental Analysis examines best practices to achieve high degrees of accuracy and deliver actionable intelligence. Sessions include intelligence as evidence; national security event predictive models including terrorist attack analysis; strategic warning as an intelligence function, its nature, dynamics and its proven techniques; living systems and other meta-architectures that enable highly accurate predictions.

Advanced Tips and Techniques
The third short course presents tips and techniques not available elsewhere. These include tips for new analysts from NightWatch; pitfalls of borrowing other work; success in analysis using public domain information from the Internet; propaganda analysis relying on the work of Dr. Alexander George; Force Sizing and Disposition techniques that are dynamic and work even against non-state actors.