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Data and Knowledge Management

Improving services to citizens requires Federal government agencies to collaborate as part of the larger Federal enterprise whose mission crosses Federal, state, local, and private sectors boundaries. These dynamic and increasingly complex, interconnected enterprises depend on ready access to actionable data. Actionable data originates from multiple data sources and fuels the predictive analyses, real time collaboration, informed decision making, and agility essential to their success.

Federal agencies face critical decisions on a daily basis. To navigate the complexities of those decisions, leaders rely on accurate, available data to effectively analyze situations and determine appropriate courses of action. If information is unavailable or the data presented is inaccurate, critical actions can be delayed, ineffective, or expose an organization to risk. KGS applies its proprietary Data Confidence® methodology to engineer solutions that help Federal agencies establish the right mix of people, processes and technology to improve how they create, capture, manage, store, and share information to deliver actionable data.

The Value of Data Confidence®

KGS understands the imperative for Data Confidence®, the measurable certainty that enterprise data assets are immediately actionable. Actionable data assets are:

  • Visible – Easily discoverable
  • Accessible – Readily available for use by authorized stakeholders
  • Understandable – Able to be appropriately interpreted and used
  • Trusted – Substantiated through authoritative pedigree and lineage that are known and transparent
  • Interoperable – Easily combined or compared with other information and/or mediated
  • Responsive – Validated by robust, direct user feedback mechanisms
  • Governed – Defined, used, and protected throughout the data life cycle under the direction of appropriate authorities