Actionable Enterprise Architecture White Paper


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Enterprise Architecture

Although every enterprise benefits from Actionable Enterprise Architecture (EA), this powerful management practice is especially vital to the federal enterprise. The federal enterprise vision is to attain high levels of transparency and information sharing, to simplify and reduce costs of government operations, and anticipate and be responsive to citizens’ needs.

  • Political agendas
  • Policies limiting information sharing
  • Bureaucratic programming and budget policies and processes
  • Rapidly decreasing number of knowledge workers and subject matter experts
  • Information silos
  • Data quality concerns
  • Constant media attention

These challenges can significantly limit the transparency, information sharing, and agility essential to provide maximum service to citizens. Actionable Enterprise Architecture provides explicit, “living” enterprise blueprints and touch points in key management processes. KGS Data Confidence® solutions help the federal enterprise overcome many Enterprise Architecture challenges to achieve the enterprise vision.