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Business Transformation

KGS Business Transformation Solutions will allow your organization to navigate the complexities of major improvements by aligning personnel and processes to optimize performance. Whether you are integrating resources from a recent mission shift, positioning your workforce for upcoming budget challenges, responding to new regulations or legislative requirements, or improving performance by reducing costs, KGS has the expertise and proven methodologies to help you succeed.

KGS’s multiple-methodology approach enables better performance management, the core of our philosophy on new mission adoption and organizational change. Business Transformation can incorporate business practices to improve productivity, enhance workforce skills, and reduce cycle times and costs.

    Our team of process experts will evaluate your current enterprise against four fundamental “organizational pillars”:

  • Workplace Performance – Physical makeup of the work force and its alignment to your organization’s mission
  • Process – Systematic formal (or informal) activities that govern your mission
  • Infrastructure – Physical requirements for mission execution
  • Information – All data necessary to conduct your mission

KGS Delivers Business Transformation Solutions

Kforce National Recruiting Center (NRC)

KGS partnered with our parent company, Kforce, to deploy the National Recruiting Center (NRC), a 300-person organization capable of 24/7/365 candidate staffing and recruiting—a capability never accomplished before. By using our PM3 approach, KGS stood up a business unit in Tampa, Florida and Manila, Philippines within nine months. This effort allowed Kforce to regain market position and exceed 2010 revenue by $200M.