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Department of Defense Solutions

KGS provides the Department of Defense with a wide range of technology, intelligence, healthcare, and business solutions that support the war fighter at home and in theater. Our expert teams work closely with clients to develop innovative solutions to support their unique mission objectives and operational environment; from battlefield healthcare to global IT operations, KGS offers the experience and expertise to help you achieve and maintain mission success.

Delivering Confidence

USAF Integrated Network Operations & Security Center (INOSC)
KGS provides operation, security, management, administration and help desk support for the INOSC-E which provides services for 300,000 users in 104 physical locations over 160,000 classified/unclassified systems. KGS associates are subject matter experts on all of the core technology requirements for Langley AFB, Randolph AFB and Peterson AFB.

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
KGS supported a massive Business Transformation effort involving 22,000 DLA employees, 600 Integrated Process Team Staff, 500 depots and 13 divisions. KGS provided governance of the program and supported all project components.

In addition, KGS provides technical support services for the migration of Information Technology (IT) applications supporting DLA Business Systems Modernization (BSM) Initiatives. KGS provides expertise for software development and sustainment, data administration, configuration management, database management, risk management, software process improvement, information assurance, and acquisition support. KGS provides the DLA with coordination and implementation of system software changes at various DLA distribution sites, including OCONUS locations.

USAF Air Combat Command (ACC)
KGS developed a process for the Comptroller called Systems Access Tracker using Microsoft InfoPath in combination with SharePoint services to manage system access changes. During the Unit Compliance Inspection, this initiative was identified and endorsed by the ACC Inspector General as an Air Force Best Practice.