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New medical training techniques may help save lives

Hollie Thrasher

Mar 17, 2016

Colonel Dan Irizarry

"Our died of wounds rate over the past 10 years for the conventional Army is about 16% , our died of wounds rate for Army Rangers is about 5.8%," said Colonel Dan Irizarry. The difference has a lot to do with battlefield medical training for not just medics, but every soldier.

It’s called Tactical Combat Tactical Care and the skill is critical when it comes to saving lives on the battlefield. The Department of Defense wants that 16% to go down so they have started the Squad Overmatch TC3 study to teach soldiers how to better take care of each other after an injury.

"This particular mannequin you can see moves, it accurately bleeds, and if I tighten the tourniquet on tight enough it will stop bleeding or even die," said Irizarry while showing off the mannequin at the Association of the US Army’s Global Force Symposium.

The mannequin provides hands-on training not previously available. In addition to learning how to properly apply a tourniquet, soldiers also learn how to release air from the chest of an injured colleague and open up airways.

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