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June 20, 2014 - KGS TraumaFX® Plays Critical Role in STAR High Trauma Scenario Training for First Responders

Recently, TraumaFX® teamed up with Special Tactics And Rescue (STAR) Consulting for a First Responders high trauma scenario training event in Lubbock, TX. The training, which utilized TraumaFX® medical trauma simulators like the Multiple Amputation Trauma Trainer (MATT)®, was designed to equip first responders with the hands-on experience to quickly and effectively save lives during emergency situations.

The practice scenarios emphasized unsecured emergency situations as most first responders are accustomed to waiting for police or military personnel to secure a scene before proceeding with treatment to injured individuals. During these live action scenarios, first responders were able to use the TraumaFX® manikins to determine appropriate interventions, as well as administer tactical urgent care such as tourniquet application and wound packing. Built with state-of-the art animatronics and special effects material, the TraumaFX® manikins played an integral role in creating a realistic trauma training environment for all participants.

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