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November 10, 2013 - KGS TraumaFX® Participates in Vigilant Guard 2014

TraumaFX® recently took part in Vigilant Guard 2014 (VG-14), a large scale disaster preparedness exercise held from November 5-8. Hosted by the US Northern Command and the National Guard Bureau, this drill was the first of its kind in New England and spanned across the state of Maine. Over the course of three days, first responders from Maine, New England, and Canada worked together with multiple National Guard units to improve command, control, operational relationships, and interagency coordination.

The event involved simulated crisis scenarios to include bus accidents, potential intruders, bomb threats and other possible terrorist threats, hazardous materials incidents, collapsed structures, and cyber security breaches. As the only provider of trauma trainers with the ruggedized capabilities to withstand such brutal training environments, TraumaFX® was able to help tactical teams increase readiness and reduce errors in real-life emergency situations through the use of 'victims' such as the TraumaFX® Multiple Amputation Trauma Trainer (MATT)®. MATT's full motion animatronics and untethered life like response to treatment allowed for a dynamic, total submersion experience. During VG-14, TraumaFX® was able to help enhance first responders' capabilities by testing their ability to solve unexpected medical problems in disaster situations as well as help participants validate and improve their current emergency plans.

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