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November 10, 2013 - Follow-Up: KGS TraumaFX® Participates in Urban Shield

TraumaFX® recently joined the ranks of the most elite SWAT, EMS, and Fire Departments from across the United States to take part in the Urban Shield event in Oakland, CA from October 25-28, 2013.

This massive exercise hosted over 4,000 emergency personnel as they practiced unified responses to disasters and major emergencies in a number of mentally and physically demanding scenarios including terrorist attacks, collapsed buildings, and airplane crashes. As the only provider of animatronic, lifelike simulation manikins with the ruggedized capabilities to withstand such brutal training environments, TraumaFX® played a critical role in enhancing the realism of these scenarios. By providing a total submersion experience, TraumaFX® was able to help tactical teams address emotion, reduce errors, and increase readiness in real-life emergency situations.

The TraumaFX® manikins' advanced sensor technology and ability to capture and validate training data from up to 200 yards via an all-weather remote allowed participants to gain proficiency in a true field setting while supervisors evaluated their skills and provided immediate feedback. This ease of deployment and data collection coupled with the capability to reset within 15 seconds enabled the TraumaFX® simulators to be used continuously during the 48 hours of scenarios.

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