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August 13, 2013 - KGS TraumaFX® Participates in Urban Shield

KGS TraumaFX® Participates in Urban Shield

Urban Shield ( is a massive emergency preparedness exercise held in the San Francisco Bay Area. Over 4,000 participants from SWAT, EMS, and Fire Departments across the Bay Area and beyond, gather to practice their skills in preparation for a unified response to a disaster or major emergency. KGS TraumaFX® (TFX) is a major participant in Urban Shield taking place this fall (25-27 Oct). TFX is playing an important role by providing some of the tactical teams with the TFX realistic, rugged trauma training manikins. This is a significant opportunity to provide emergency medical personnel with hands-on experience with full range of capabilities TFX offers.

The Urban Shield scenarios are planned to replicate real-life emergencies and disasters in varying conditions within both mentally and physically demanding environments. Scenarios may include: collapsing bridges, active shooter; trench rescue; and air plane crashes. There are no other manikins in the industry that can withstand these types of brutal training environments and keep functioning.

TFX is proud to be taking part in this event and working closely with the teams who are training to save lives.

KGS TraumaFX® Participates in Urban Shield

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