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August 6, 2013 - NoVA First Responders Use TraumaFX® Manikins to Improve Training Effectiveness

Ashburn, VA- On August 6, 2013, law enforcement personnel from all over Northern Virginia and the DC metro area convened at the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy to take part in a training exercise which gave participants the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with emergency trauma training kits that will be distributed to emergency agencies across the region by the Northern Virginia Emergency Response System (NVERS). KGS TraumaFX®, was the sole supplier of trauma training manikins for the exercise and provided the individuals in attendance with life like training and the ability to learn proper use of the components in the kits.

Dr. E. Reed Smith, Medical Director for Arlington County Fire Department and Rescue Task Force, stated,” Patrol officers work alone in very dangerous situations a lot of the time and they need to be trained to initiate immediate care when backup is delayed.”

These dangerous situations have led to high-fidelity, realistic training of emergency events for patrol officers. Without the proper equipment, like TraumaFX® products, this type of training is not possible.

“I would love to have a bunch of these TraumaFX® manikins. We do not have enough of them, “Dr. Smith said.

NoVA First Responders Use TraumaFX Manikins to Improve Training Effectiveness

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