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KGS Executive Leadership Team

Kforce Government Solutions, Inc. (KGS) is dedicated to serving our clients, business partners, and professional associates. Under the direction of Patrick D. Moneymaker, KGS is organized to ensure that quality, service excellence, responsiveness, innovation, and process maturity are woven into the fabric of all internal and client facing activities. Our collective commitment to these basic tenets is reflected in the KGS Credo.

Patrick D. Moneymaker
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Pat Moneymaker is the Chairman of the Board and CEO of KGS, a leading provider of consulting and technology solutions to the Federal Government. Mr. Moneymaker assumed the role in 2014, bringing more than 40 years of technology expertise and executive management experience to his role with the firm.
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Joe Rhodes
Chief Operating Officer

Joe Rhodes is the Chief Operating Officer for KGS. Mr. Rhodes oversees all business operations, including driving the firm’s strategy for ensuring operational excellence and growth across the organization.
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Maureen Coyle
Chief Growth Officer

Maureen Coyle is an accomplished business executive who serves as the Chief Growth Officer at KGS. She joined KGS in 2016 as Chief Strategy Officer, bringing 27 years of executive management experience and deep healthcare IT knowledge to the firm.
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Karen L. Bell
Chief Innovation Officer

Karen Bell serves as Chief Innovation Officer. Ms. Bell is responsible for driving innovation across the organization and cultivating a culture of entrepreneurship. She provides strategic direction for KGS’ internal infrastructure and information governance.
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Nathan Seth
Chief Technology Officer

Nathan Seth serves as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Mr. Seth joined KGS in 2010 and brings 22 years of extensive technical experience in architecting and implementing leading-edge technical solutions to the firm.
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Graham Palmer
Senior Vice President, TraumaFX®

Graham Palmer is the Senior Vice President for the TraumaFX product division of KGS. Mr. Palmer is responsible for leading the development and delivery of the state-of-the-art TraumaFX line of medical trauma training manikins to both military and civilian customers.
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Kathleen Massie
Vice President, Contracts, Compliance and Pricing

Kathleen Massie is the Vice President of Contracts, Compliance and Pricing (CC&P). Ms. Massie brings over 30 years of contract and business management expertise to her role at KGS.
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