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Our KGS Credo

We Value Our Clients. We believe in the importance of our clients’ missions. We partner with them as they serve our nation. Their success fundamentally defines our success.

We Value Our Associates. We promote individual excellence, integrity, right attitude, strong work ethic, creative initiative, professional pride, and company commitment – and know these qualities are essential to continued success and company culture. We take care of the people who take care of our clients.

We Value Our Partners. We believe in partnership, trust, integrity, mutual support and team spirit. These qualities are synonymous with growth and execution. We value relationships over opportunities.

We Value the Community, Nation and World in Which We Live. We understand and embrace our civic responsibility to contribute to our nation and to make a positive difference – both within and beyond our workplace.

We Value Excellence and Continuous Improvement. We set the standard for quality service and solutions delivery to ensure cost savings, reduce client risk and increase client effectiveness.

We Value Integrity and Trust. We honor our commitments, speak the truth and deal honestly with one another. We work selflessly, promoting teamwork and collaboration. In so doing, we foster trust with both clients and associates.

We Value Commitment and Fun. We motivate and encourage one another, never losing the sense of joy that comes from a task well done.

We Value Growth. Consistent growth and profitability ensure our ability to offer opportunities to inspire and challenge our associates. Our financial strength allows us to accomplish our goals and realize our ideals.

We Commit to These Principles. How we get there is just as important as the destination.